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The Princess Who Forgot Her Name is a gorgeous, hand-illustrated children's book. One of our most popular gifts for children, it's also a great gift for adults who love beautiful books.


This is not just a book, it’s a journey…You will see yourself in these pages. You will glimpse the true power of your own beauty, goodness and identity — and feel encouraged to step up and shine it out with this necklace.


The special combo features a hardback book, a unique necklace, and a paperback Princess Journal.


The necklace is from our Beloved Collection and features a 22-inch stainless steel gold plated chain with a heart pendant. It's a unique gift you won't find anywhere else!


This journal will be a great tool for you to encourage your children to open up about their feelings, express their gratitude and pray for what comes to mind. The journal includes prompts on each page to encourage your child to think about their day and express their deepest emotions in words.


    Ultimate Princess Bundle

    Necklace Color
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