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Princess Beloved experiences a traumatic event that causes her to forget who she is. Lost and confused, the princess believes the lie that Shame and Fear are her new identity. Her father, The King, finds her and reminds her who she is. This poetic story will remind you of the truth about who you are.


This book is ideal for readers who have experienced childhood abuse and need to process the shame and fear they are experiencing.


Author's Note


As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, shame and fear became my identity for most of my tween/teen years and even into adulthood. My brokenness and the choices "I" made from processing the trauma defined me.


I desire with this book is that children who've been abused don't have to wait until they are adults to know their value is not based on their trauma. Their value is solely based on the redemptive work that Jesus already conquered at the cross. We are valuable because we are sons and daughters of the One who defines us and makes us in His image.


Though this book is written in metaphorical terms, you will be able to start conversations with your children about:


  • "Storms" or "bad things" they've experienced.
  • What it means to forget who they are.
  • What are ways they "run" or "hide" from remembering the "storms."
  • Identify shame and fear in areas of their life.
  • Who Jesus is to them.
  • How can they accept Jesus' unconditional love after trauma?
  • Prompt questions and prayer at the end of the book to help process the book content.

Enjoy the book!

- Cynthia Marisol

The Princess Who Forgot Her Name

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