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Life Beyond Shame Course


The effects of sexual trauma can leave us with crippling cycles of shame, and we don't even know how to identify it. This shame can make us insecure about who we are and what we are capable of. Sexual trauma can leave us feeling ashamed, violated, and damaged. We take shame as an identity and experience cycles of self-sabotage and broken relationships. In this six-week workbook & devotional, you will address the following: * Your View of God * Your View of Yourself * Identifying Shame & Triggers * Relationships & Boundaries * Mental Health * Forgiveness Through these six weeks, you will learn: * To see the Father as a good father who is already pleased with you because of His perfect work and not your own. * Your identity is not the abuse or the hame you experienced. You will rediscover who you are through the only WORD that matters, Jesus. * You will learn tools to identify shame and the triggers that set you on the vicious cycles of dysfunction and self-sabotage. * Which relationships are toxic for you, and how to set healthy boundaries. * You will break the shame & stigmas about mental health. * Forgiveness is so misunderstood, especially in "church" culture. Forgiveness does NOT mean reconciliation. We will dive into what forgiveness is and release the bitterness that holds us captive to the people who have abused us. *The THRIVE and REIGN plans include this course in addition to the one-on-one sessions.

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